About Us

Why Followfashionista? How is it different from other blogs?

No, it is not different from other fashion-travel-life blogs rather I would say, it is more common, so common that you will definitely connect to all our stories instantly.

I am another regular working girl with not so regular personality; in my mid-20s trying to figure out how will be my mid-30s (just kidding) .

Fashion: As we have this saying and I myself also a firm believer of it: Fashion starts from DU (Delhi University). So, writing about fashion was quite obvious.

Apart from this as I said, I was mesmerized by the corporate world, not because of those Bollywood movies which were focusing corporate world but because of corporate suits for women.

Yeah, you read it right.

In my teen years, I was startled by the corporate world and in my 20s I become part of this corporate world. Those well-fitted suits have always inspired me in many ways. So in this section, I will share my past experience, my ideas, my fashion blunder and many such incidents.

  • Food: Did I mentioned I am Delhiite. ohh…!! if not yet then this is the right time to talk about my love for my native city: Delhi and it’s street food.

Because it is a very known fact that every Delhiite is a born foodie. And only a foodie can tell you where you can find the best bread pakoda when it is raining and you are in your office.

  • Travel: I often don’t describe myself as a traveler, on the contrary, I would also not deny that I am fond of traveling. I have seen my traveler friends who wait for either an extended weekend or their paycheck so that they can plan their next excursion. At least I don’t come in this category.
  • Relationships: What you thought am I a monk or a sage? Common…

You know this. It’s not a Victoria secret. Anyone who has reached their mid-20s must have seen their set of heartbreaks and must have many rebel stories to share. I am not different.

 DIY: I am experimental in nature. I like fixing up my bellies’ torn-off tip by using matching nail paint. I know such 5 min daily hack is so much needed in today’s fast pace life.

  • Hair tips: Evey girl loves her hairs so do I. My mom used to say our hairs is our crowning beauty and need extra care. Apart from this, who wants to spend a lum sum amount every month to these salons to use chemicals in the name of hair spa and treatment.
  • Entertainment: I love movies. Actually, I love Bollywood movies just like my any other fellow countryman. I don’t worship Bollywood actors (nor cricketers) but who doesn’t love to talk about our favorites. Right?

So, this section will have all latest gossip about our beloved actors and actresses.