The benefits of using Multani Mitti for face and hair

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In the present time, we all are very much precautious about our skin care and we all do pay more attention on it. The modern cosmetic industry has become more like a fish market and everybody is running for some or the other high budget products. But all the products that we use are beneficial for us? Does all the high budget skin care creams suits our skin? Do you think that there should be some home or the natural regime for repairing the skin? If, yes then here is the one, the most renowned, famous skin care regime and that is the Multani Mitti.

Multani Mitti is used for the skin care treatments since the ancient time. So, it’s quite effective and very much useful for the skincare. Also, apart from the skin this Mud is also very useful for the Hair treatments. I know this thing must have shocked you, so let’s directly jump to the benefits of this precious Skin and Hair Regime.

The benefits of Multani Mitti for skin-

  • The Multani Mitti aids in resolving the skin problems like blemishes and acnes. It exfoliates the skin and provides natural coolness, which is very much essential for the skin. It cleans the pores and refines the skin properly.
  • There are some very special indigents in this mud that enables it to imbibe the dirt, excess oil and sweat from the skin and makes the skin look more clean and white.
  • When it cleans the full skin, it makes the complexion look more enhanced and flawless. The skin tone improves if one regularly uses this.
  • This mud is quite effective in treating the tanned part of skin and also even outs the skin from the pigmentation problem.
  • This is also quite effective, when used for treating the insect bite and minor inflammations and infections.
  • This mud has also got the property of the antiseptic cream, so, it heels the skin in a better form.
  • It aids in fighting with the pimples an, blackhead, and whiteheads and its regular use keep such things away from your skin.
  • This mud also renders a glowing skin and radiant skin.

Benefits of Multani Mitti for the Hair –

  • This mud has got a very mild nature due to which it is often used in the hair packs as it provides nourishment to the hair.
  • When it is used as the hair mask, it works as a conditioner and conditions the full hair.
  • The strong ingredients present in this makes the hair look more enhancing and beautiful.
  • This also aids in making the hair strong and gives a great volume to them.
  • It provides an ultimate natural shine to the hair.

So, these were the few benefits that you can have if regularly used this mud.


This is a natural remedy for the skin and hair and doesn’t show any bad consequences on the skin and on hair as well. It’s an awesome way of pampering your skin daily. This mud doesn’t require many things to be added in it and it’s very easy to prepare it for the use. If one wants to keep this in their regular use, then must add rose water in it before applying it on the skin. The rose water will give a nice fragrance and this mud mixed with the rose water would provide a very smooth and gentle skin. So, now you have the best ever remedy for the skin, which is quite affordable.