Best foundation available in India

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Now of days people do not have to worry at all with concerns of buying make-up supplies. Ladies can simply sit at home and simply shop online from the most popular E-commerce websites.  There is a variety of products which has a different style, size as well as quantity.  Well known brands are having a tie up with all the popular Ecommerce websites. So you can easily have a look at the list of all the best liquid foundation available in Indian market.

Revlon Colorstay makeup foundation

This liquid foundation make up came into the market by Revlon has a very light weight formula. So, you will never feel that you have put on a thick and heavy makeup. It holds for a long time and restrains from fading even if you rub your face accidentally. This is a really good option available in the Indian market for your oily skin it also has a wonderful moisture balance formula with oil free variation.  Also if you have dry skin, this will keep your skin hydrated.

 Lakme invisible finish foundation

If you are searching for a branded product in low cost, lakme foundation in liquid alternative will be an elite deal. If you have blemishes and acne over your skin, it might be quite wicked for you to show it when you are in public. This perfect foundation came into the market by lakme is offered to give you a perfect look. You can easily cover up blemishes, acne over your skin and look very charming. As it is an ultra light foundation, don’t worry about getting the skin to be uneven.

 Coloressenceaqua make up base, beige

You might have heard about color base makeup and other skin products. According to the many customer reviews, this aqua makeup base came up by color essence is very active on all kind of skin tone. The different among this product and other product in the market is its protection shield against the UV rays. Since pollution and other factors are responsible for destroying the skin condition of every woman, you can now get an elite product that will help to protect your skin for a long time.  Even the patches developed due to the sensitive skin will be simply covered with this product.

 L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24Hr Liquid Foundation

L’Oreal Paris Infallible foundation will keep your skin hydrated and provide coverage. It is well known in the market to fit into every skin type and can last up to 24 hours. The product is known to be a high coverage long-wear formula which not only covers your blemishes but makes your face look content and fresh after a long day at work. It comes with an elite HyaluronComplex which keeps you feeling fresh and beautiful.

 Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation B5 Nude

All the products from Maybelline have always been loved by customers. And when we talk about foundations, we had to admit that adding their new product was a must. This product is a light-weighted one and makes your skin content within no time. It gives a fresher feel and makes your skin glow. According to many customers reviews, they have stated that the product lasts long and stick through the rough hours of their day. It is one of the best product for the Indian skin and the coverage impact is quite acceptable.