bollywood designer sarees

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The trendy world ambience is surrounded by the people, who are just very peculiar about their dressing sense. Talking about the Bollywood industry, the trendy Sarees of the gorgeous Divas are so famous that people are just seeking for it. Every time some or other fashionista dons the different different sarees that enhances their beauty.

So, let’s have some knowledge of the industries gorgeous divas and their fashion designer.

  • The Ethnic Georgette Sarees- Georgette sarees are the one that can’t be eliminated from the industry. The sarees in the present time donned by the divas are so beautiful looking that no one can deny. The Georgette sarees are very affordable and very light to carry. At this time the people are just in search of very light sarees with ostentatious designs and if you are looking for the light weight sarees then must go for this one.
  • Silk Sarees- earlier, the silk sarees used to be considered enough at the South Side but since the time these sarees have touched the B-Town, all the actresses are just donning it at the special moments and get praised by the critics. The silk sarees are considered being slightly heavy and have more weight. They come in various colours and have the heavy work on them. Although, the fashion of silk is considered to be old one but friends old is gold. They are bit expensive in terms of purchasing and the minimum cost you would have to pay is 2k.
  • Net sarees- though, they are not much considered but still they are worn till now. Many gorgeous divas of the B-Town still wear the net sarees but they are not much famous.
  • Brassowork Sarees- these types of sarees still have their place in the B-Town as there are many actresses, who love don it. The brasso work sarees that are donned by the divas are light weight but they do have the heavy embroidery on them. The embroidery on the sarees makes it look more heavy but they are not so. They are not very light but comparing to the other sarees they are.
  • Patch work sarees- the fashion icons in the industry kept on changing the style and recently they have introduced new version in the sarees and that is the patch work sarees. These types of sarees do have different patches of different designs and they are stitched with each other. These sarees appears more beautiful, when worn in proper manner.
  • Plain sarees with heavy embroidery borders- if you all remember the song ‘Chammak Challo’, then you all must have understood my point. This kind of sarees comes with very embroidery on the borders and the whole saree is just simple. The sarees give pretty appearance, when worn with appropriate blouse.
  • Velvet sarees- well, many of the fashionista have worn the sarees that are made up of half velvet and half normal cloth. These kind of sarees are very heavy as we all know that the velvet is quite heavy to carry but still these kind of the sarees gives a pretty and gorgeous look.

Hence, I am done with all the information I had about the Bollywood designer sarees. So, this was the full overview about the sarees. Find out, which type of saree suits you more and don it. I would recommend as per the trend, try out the patch work sarees as they give flawless look and appear more stylish. Apart from that if you like light weight saree then must go for the plain saree with heavy embroidery