Chardham Yatra – The Doors of Salvation

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If you are among those who are planning for a pilgrimage tour to India what better choice than Chardham Yatra? Considered to be the most holy tour of Hindus, the Chardham Yatra haridwar comprises of the four famous pilgrimages namely Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. Nestled in the mighty Himalayas, a journey to these pilgrimages is both challenging and soul stirring. The pleasing adjoining and the devotees chanting names of the god makes this tour a divine experience. Read below to know why the four pilgrimages are considered to be most divine experience.

Shri Gangotri Temple
Situated at the height of 3140 metres above the sea level, it is believed that the sacred river Ganga started flowing from Gangotri for the first time. This place is surrounded by the mountain peaks of Shivaling, Bhagirathi sisters and Satopanth. Gangotri is a significant part of Chardham yatra and is considered to be an absolute thrilling place. The daunting peaks, lush green valleys and dense forests offer remarkable trekking and mountaineering prospects. Each year adventure lovers from all over the world visit Gangotri and set out for the expeditions.

Yamunotri Temple 
As the name suggests, Yamunotri is the source of the holy river Yamuna and is considered to be one of the major religious destinations of India. The temple of Yamunotri is located on the left bank of river Yamuna at the foothill of Kalind Parvat. Three hot springs are situated near the temple. The most interesting one is Surya Kund, which has boiling water in it.

Shri Kedarnath Dham
The most interesting of all the four Chardhar pilgrimages is Kedarnath. Situated in the magnificent Himalayan mountain, this town is located at a height of 3584 metre above sea level. The wall of the temple is adorned with the figures of deities and scenes. The lush green forests and the beautiful peaks are a great pleasure to one’s eyes. Some of the important places to be visited near Kedarnath are Gaaurikund, Gandhi sarovar, Vasuki Tal, Sonprayag and many more.

Shri Badrinath Dham
Surrounded by the two mountain ranges Nar and Narayan, Badrinath is famous for the holy Badrinath temple and is the most important among all four Chardham pilgrimages. Cribbed in the grand Himalayan mountain, Badrinath is one of most appealing place on the earth.