Easy Hairstyles for College Going Girls

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Every college going girl wants to look the best, as looks play an important role in setting your style statement in college. A unique and stylish hairstyle enhances your overall look and appearance. However, it is not easy for college going girls to spare a lot of time on making hairstyles. We always prefer to have such things which are easy to use and look great too. Same way, we girls aspire for such hairstyles which are easy to make and do not consume a lot of time.
We have covered up 5 easy to have and time savvy hairstyles in this article, which are just perfect for every college going girl who loves experimenting with her hair.
1.    Pony tail with a back puff

This hairstyle is best for all the college goers as it does not take a lot of time.

How to make it?
First of all comb your hair in a way that they cover one side of your forehead and pin them. Now, brush the rest of the hair to the back side and tie them with a band in a way that it creates a puff.

2.    High Horsetail

This hairstyle is perfect for all those girls who have long hair with layers in them.

How to make it?
Hold your hair in a bunch at a good considerable height and create a little puff at the back while tying the hair in high horsetail with a band.

3.    Side Fishbone Plaits

Fishbone plaits will never go out of fashion as they are super easy to make.

How to make it?
Simply part your hair to one side and from the opposite shoulder bring all the hair to the front. And, now make a neat and clean fishbone plait with rest of the hair. And after completing it, tie it up with a band and give it a little bouncy look.

4.    Front Puff Hairstyle

This simple and perfect hairstyle suits all the college going girls.

How to make it?
Comb your hair nicely. And then collect the front hair in a bunch and give them a bounce. Create a puff and pin them at the back. And, your perfect front puff hairstyle is ready.

5.    Crown Braided Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks amazing on people who have long shiny hair.

How to make it?
To start making this hairstyle, part all your hair to one side of your head. And start making the braid from the front side of the face; continue the braid till it covers the whole head by passing through the back of the head. When the head part gets covered up with the braid then, tie the ends of it with a band. And, do not forget to bring all the loose hair to the front side of your shoulder.

We hope that these amazing college going hairstyles will be of use to you. No matter your hair are short or long, irrespective of it try these hairstyles to look different amongst others in college. So, now give yourself a new look every new day with these easy hairstyles.