What to eat in navratri fast

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‘Navratra’ —the nine-day fasting period rooted in the Hindu religion. The season of fasting has just begun! If you are already bored of eating fruits and the usual sabdunakhichdi, then we have something to lift your spirits.


Enjoy a tasty and healthy diet of Kuttu by making KuttuKaDosa. Enjoy it with alookisabzi just the way you eat Masala Dosa.


Sanwa Rice

If you are a food lover and cannot oppose having rice, make a pulao with the sanwa rice. Also recognized as barnyard millet, this is no cereal but a wild seed. Enjoy the rice with raita or curd. Alternatively, you can make its dhokla, idli or kheer.


For all the individuals with a sweet tooth, here’s a halwa that you’ll enjoy in this fasting season – The SinghareKaHalwa. Cheer it up with your preferred nuts and dry fruits.


Kele Ki Barfi

Peel Bananas, add milk and mash them. Cook till the all the milk dries.  Then add some ghee and cook till the colour gets brown. Moreover, add coconut and walnut. Mix it well. Grease a plate and pour the batter into the plate. Remember to keep the layer thick. Let it cool, decorate it and enjoy the remarkable barfis for 9 days of your Navratri fasts.

kele ki barfi

Rajgira Ki Puri

Eat the delicious rajgira or amaranth kipuri with the tangy dish of potato to have a nice lunch/dinner. Also, we suggest you try it out with Kala chana some other time.

rajgira puri


Sabudanekikhichdi and sabudanekikheer might get boring sometimes, but delicious and crispy sabudanakavada is always a treat. Satisfy yourself once again with some crispy sabudanekavada and cold creamy dahi.

sabdana vada

Milk Shakes

Are you the person who favors milk during fasting? How about trying variations in the form of milkshakes? Well, aside from banana milkshakes, dry fruit milk shake is what we strongly recommend.


Fruit Salad With Home Made Ice Cream

Try your own variant of fruit salad with all the fruits of your choice. Delight it up with some homemade ice cream.



Khattamoong is one of the recipes from the Gujrat which is made as an Indian side dish for the main course. Khattamoong is a green moong dal which is cooked with exotic spices and moong dal (green gram). This Gujarati khattamoong is unique because it has curd which makes it taste tangy and all the tastier.

 khata moong

Kala Chana Recipe

Kala chana is the most significant recipe of Navratri. It is themain part of Navratriprasad too. It is offered to the Goddess first and eaten by the people who are fasting as well. Preparing a good dish with Kala chana and allo is a nice option, some tomatoes and few green chili to zest up the flavour. Enjoy it with the Rajgira Ki Puri and satisgy your stomach with the taste of Navratri special Kala Chana.