Fashion at Indian Water Parks

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When you plan a visit to any water park in India, the most crucial thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the regulations before you actually start. Nowadays, most water parks have their own websites and so gathering details about dress codes is not a magical elixir. They would have specified if there are any specific dress codes to be followed by visitors.

In addition, they would also have specified whether visitors can bring in their own foods or not. It is better to prepare a checklist of items to be carried and what not to carry, such that you can avoid last minute rush. Most water parks in India have a swimwear policy in place. Here are some rules related to this policy followed by Indian water parks:

General rule:

When you visit water parks and specifically water rides, you should wear appropriate swimwear. The costume that you wear should be durable for use on water attractions and slides. In case the park authorities feel your dress to be offensive or inappropriate, they have the right to evict you from the ride. In the case of women with long hair, they should make sure that the hair is tied appropriately. Also, toddlers and babies, who are not yet practiced to use toilets, should be worn swim-nappies when inside the park.

Specific conditions:

Apart from these general instructions, some parks also give some specific instructions to ensure the safety of the visitors to the park.  Here are some instructions given to visitors:

  • Swimwear is recommended mainly to ensure the safety of the visitors. If appropriate costume is not worn, you might be asked to change or leave the ride.
  • Some waterparks have their own stores to sell swimsuits suitable for different age groups.
  • Some parks also insist on the material like nylon or lycra for the suit.
  • It is important that the costume you wear should not have any offensive slogans or pictures.
  • In addition, it should not be transparent and should not expose any part of the body.
  • Regular diapers are not permitted to be used while in water rides, swim diapers are generally sold in the outlets within the waterparks.
  • In general, management reserves the right to decide, which is the suitable attire and which is not to permit entry to any individual.

Which accessories and costumes are considered inappropriate in water rides?

  • Transparent bathing suits
  • Chains, jewelry, and long necklaces
  • Any accessory or clothing that is deemed as possibly damaging at slides.
  • Shorts and accessories with protruding designs on the back.
  • Sarees, clothing scarves that flow long, street clothes
  • Underwear


When you visit a water park to quench the heat, it is better to apply appropriate sunscreen to keep yourself protected from the UV rays. Also, it is better to have an additional set of clothing, just in case your clothes get wet, you can change to the new set when returning home. If you have swimming goggles and appropriate shoes can go with them.