How To Lighten Your Dark Underarms

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Summer is here and the one thing that tickle’s our minds is hot& humid climate. But then we all feel okay may be I will manage the climate, I will wear sleeveless or strapless clothes. This is that time of that year where we all remove are short clothes out from the Wardrobe to beat the heat. But hey wait how you will wear those clothes, if you don’t have great underarms. In fact they are black too. And then you think Oh god, who will wear this long sleeved clothes. No ways.

Now you can lighten your underarms just the easy way at home. Here’s a quick fix to lighten your underarms:-

Tips No. 1    


Yes, you heard it right; your aloo can save you. Just rub those potato slices for around 10 minutes and wash it off with Luke warm water. You can also grate a potato, squeeze its juice and apply on the armpits. If you have sensitive skin you can always use potato and it will not irritate your skin unlike citrus fruits.

Tip No. 2


We all know how yogurt serves number of purposes. Now you can say I eat yogurt, I freeze yogurt and I apply yogurt. Curd is multitalented you know. So you can apply yogurt on your underarms and massage for few minutes. Now leave for about 10 minutes & wash it off. You can even add honey too as both works best when applied together to clear that dark patch or skin under the arms.

Tip No. 3


Vinegar is another effective treatment to get rid of those dark underarms. Vinegar removes the bacteria on the dead skin cells and lightens the tone. You can mix vinegar along with rice flour and apply it on your arms. Make sure you clean your underarms with Luke warm water before applying the paste. Let it dry for 15 mins and then wash it off. Your skin will feel softer at the end.

Tip No. 4


Stone, you must be wondering how stone can be helpful. How will this lighten our arms who himself is already dark. Just kidding, yes a pumice stone which you will easily get at a beauty store will lighten you dark armpit if used regularly. Gently scrub the skin with the stone or else it may get inflamed.

Tip No. 5


Milk has all the vitamins and calcium required by a body. But it is also effective to lighten the dark under arms as it has fatty acid which lightens skin tone. You can just gently apply milk to your underarms and you are sorted. It will dry out and then you can wash it off with warm water. You can also add curd, saffron or flour to the milk, whatever works best for your skin tone.

So try out this amazing helpful tips and tricks and go out there and show off your armpits. Say bye to dark underarms!