Planned trekking this vacation

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Trekking might sound rather adventurous and fun filled event, but honestly, it is a decision you need to take only after you’re ready with everything you need. It is indeed an adventurous and memorable trip that one can ever have, but it can only happen after you are prepared for the worst and the best.

While planning a trek to a mountain or hilly region itself is a tough decision to make, as to which place is the best suited, but also, one must note down that we, as people, forget about the tiny and little things that are very important and life-saving.

Here’s the list of the things that you must carry while trekking, along with all the basic necessities that might strike you or you might feel they would be of use-

  1. Sleeping bag and mattress– It is a common assumption, while signing in with a trip-maker or a site that they would provide all the basic amenities. Even though a few groups do provide all the basic necessities, sometimes they don’t. Rather than freezing to death in the cold regions at night, it is always the best decision to have backpacks filled with whatever you might need, and always have backup of everything possible.
  2. Trekking shoes– Now this is the most important thing. In the chaos of getting a seat in the bus or missing the flight, we forget the basic things without which there is nothing called ‘trek’. Imagine having to go to the camps and then being looked upon for not bringing the only important thing- shoes.
  3. Backpack cover– Backpack has everything you need and things without which you won’t survive alone. But the weather at most of the places is more than just unpredictable. It might rain anytime or might cover you with a sand dune, either of the extremes. Hence, to avoid exposing your backpack to the extremities, always be prepared with a backpack cover as well. They are available in the markets.
  4. Daypack– The mattress and sleeping bags are the night necessities. Now the question arises, what about the daytime when you are out trekking? The basic things here are- water bottle, a bit of snacks that won’t rot or expire soon or in the extreme temperatures. Packaged food is mostly preferred. The daypack is a bag that consists of these items, also includes the toilet bag with toothbrush, paste etc.
  5. Windproof jacket or heavy jacket– These jackets are very important because if at all you happen to skip trekking for a day and go out as a part of sightseeing, you might regret not bringing a heavy jacket and freezing yourself out there. The extreme weathers are so harsh that it is impossible to survive on the hilly or mountain regions on a T-shirt merely.
  6. Lotions and sunscreens– Arguably, both of these act on the opposite weathers, but it is almost a compulsion that you make sure you are guarded by a sunscreen lotion during the day time, else you’re prone to a lot of rashes and redness. If you suffer from allergies, this is the worst thing that you might forget. Also, make sure your skin is properly massaged with moisturizer in the night, because chapped skin and irritation is not what you would want in the camps.
  7. Hand sanitizers and knee/ankle guards– Hand sanitizers are a must because you never know what germs are prevailing on the trekking sites. If at all you just accidentally eat something right after the trek, there is always a chance of you inviting allergies.

8. Torch with extra cells- This is again a must. You might get lost in the night time and might want to trace back your way safely. Torch with ample amount of batteries and cells will just help you.