Six Basic Essentials Every Man Needs in his Closet

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“A man should look as if he bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.” –Hardy Amies

Let us face it, not a lot of men would bother doing a closet revamp. After all, the practice has been seen as more of a feminine activity than a manly responsibility. Unfortunately, it is precisely because of this that men tend to sport clothes that are either out of season or are far too shoddy to be even considered worn out on the streets. If you have seen yourself constantly wearing baggy jeans or sweaters your grandmother gave you from your university years, then it is definitely high-time to review the contents of your closet and upgrade them.

From the basic street wear clothing to casual staples, here are some of the items you should have in your closet:

  1. Straight-Leg Jeans

Super skinny jeans might be all the rage nowadays, but if you are a guy who prefers to have a little breathing room for your legs, then you might prefer the straight-leg alternative. Straight-leg jeans are an excellent middle-ground for guys who are not into the whole skinny jeans scene but would not want to wear baggy styles either. The cut is tailored, so you would always look dapper and sophisticated regardless of what you pair it with. Furthermore, the style is a bit more grown up than its skinny counterpart.

  1. White crew neck shirt

You can never go wrong with a basic white shirt. It is incredibly versatile and would go with everything you have in your closet. Unfortunately, for most men, a white basic shirt means a multitude of grungy Hanes T-shirt—which frankly they have been wearing as undershirts since they were still in cool. Although they are incredibly cheap, they would not fare well on its own. Now that you are a grown man, it is high-time to invest in a well-made version. It will significantly improve your look and you will notice a great difference in the fit and feel of it.

  1. Belt Trench Coat

For a dapper and sophisticated look on the rainy days, you should always have a belted trench coat ready at your disposal. As an alternative to your university days’ sweaters and jackets, go for the classic and traditional trenches. Ditch the old school below the knee styles and opt for the contemporary shorter cuts. Colors such as navy, black and khaki are great for a youthful glow. Avoid the brown ones as they tend to be favored and worn by the older generations.

  1. Classic Grey Sweatshirt

A true mark of a stylish man is that he looks put-together even on days wherein he does not feel like dressing up. This is where the classic grey sweatshirt comes in. The style is relaxed and has a comfortable feel to it without looking sloppy or lazy. As an alternative to your well-loved hoodies, go for the classic plain crew neck sweatshirts instead. Think of them as a grown-up version of your hoodies.

  1. Versatile Blazers

Client and corporate meetings are inevitably events you will be attending. To ensure that you are well prepared for any of those occasions, have a versatile blazer in your wardrobes. It is incredibly useful for dressing up any outfit and buying one that looks great on you does not need to be expensive. Remember to choose a tailored one that fits you just well for a refined but casual look.

  1. Fun socks

Of course, for a complete wardrobe, you would need to inject a little personality and fun into it. While the rest of your outfit can be starkly boring, albeit sophisticated, you can show your charm and bravado with a pair of fun and colorful socks. Steer clear from the basic browns and blacks as they are not only dull, but would do nothing to make you stand out.

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