Sunscreen for different skin type

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In summer time, people often find themselves being tanned due to high quality of sunshine and this tanned area rarely recuperates. The most important thing that one uses during the summer season is the Sunscreens. The Sunscreens usually aids in protecting the skin from the vicious rays of sun and keeps the skin cool enough. But do you all know which type of sunscreen you should use? Which type of sunscreen suits you? What is your skin tone, which tone sunscreen would be perfect for you?

It’s been often heard that people think the high SPF sunscreens are the best suited creams for the skin but it’s not at all like that. All depends on your skin type and also depends on the humidity. If you use high coverage and high SPF sunscreen, then it will result in patchy and oily skin. To avoid such condition here are some tips that will help you in finding the perfect sunscreen for you.

  • Acne and allergic skin- first of first, when you head off for buying any sunscreen, just read the ingredients that are added in that. If your skin usually faces the problem acne and allergy then you must not use any sunscreen that has extreme fragrance in it and also containing PABA or oxybenzone. Also, if you have allergy problem then you must avoid the sunscreen that has alcohol in it. Try out few ayurvedic sunscreens, as those don’t contain much amount of chemical in it.
  • For the Dry Skin- for the dry skin, I would suggest to go for opting such sunscreens that contain moisture in it. The dry skin always get dry, the weather doesn’t matter. For any type of dry skin, one must search for the sunscreen that has less SPF and more moisturizing effect. The moisturizing sunscreens are often found to be in a form of cream or lotion. So, do go for it rather than moving for the precise sunscreens.
  • For the darkerskin tone- the darker skin tone people usually get tanned very easily. They feel that they don’t require the sunscreen, which is not at all good. The dark skin is simple indication that their DNA is getting badly affected with exposure of harmful UV-Rays. The second reason, which is found about the dark tone people that they don’t use the normal sunscreens because of the whitish appearance. So, if you have the dark tone, you must use the sunscreen that has 15+ SPF.
  • For the normal skin tone- to the normal skin tone people, everything suits very easily. They don’t bother about many things like others do. So, if you have the normal skin tone, do use the sunscreen that has minimum amount of SPF in it. Don’t go behind the myth that high SPF would save your skin. Also, use light moisturiser before applying the sunscreen.

So, this was the full overview about the different sunscreens and different skin tone. If you still don’t find the precise cream for you then do one thing that go for using such cream that has medium amount of PF in it and the one which blends in your skin easily. Never go for the one that has high coverage. As the high coverage sunscreen will make your skin appear more dull and patchy. Do use moisturizer before applying any sunscreen but use the light moisturizer. Also, use the sunscreen of high SPF with the increasing humidity. Don’t go for applying the high SPF sunscreen in the mild summer time.