Top Places to Visit in India

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Vacation time reminds you as to why you need to plan trips, pack your backpacks and get going with adventures and memories. The adventures in India are par beyond the imagination of a person. India is known for the rich culture and the tradition it hosts, but the lesser known fact is about the breath taking views and scenarios of the country. The tourist attraction places are mostly dependent on the weather and month of the year, but here’s a list of top 5 places that you must visit in India.

The places are categorized according to the fame and popularity these places have gained over time, and according to the hospitality of the same. A lot of planning isn’t really required to plan a vacation in any of the places mentioned below, but make sure you’re all set for the same. These places are listed in the most visited places, and one can’t finish the trip in just a couple of days.

  1. Srinagar, Kashmir-

If Kashmir won’t top the list, what will? It is called ‘heaven on Earth’ and truly so, one gets so lost in the beauty of the nature and the mountains that one can’t let out the memories go for a lifetime. It is truly a lifetime worth of experience. Trekking too is quite famous in the place and hence, people who love adventure sports love visiting this every now and then. This place provides a blend of adventures and natural environment that makes people want to stay in here for longer than they even plan for.

  1. Leh Ladakh-

This is the second most visited places across the nation. Leh Ladakh is basically a land of high passes that is spread across in the state of Jammu and Kashmir of India. This is the place that just snatches your heart away at the first sight itself. It has a strategic location with mountain ranges spread across a wide range of kilometres and also, the mountain ranges are blanketed with beauty and peace. The breath taking view of Ladakh has so much popularity amongst Indians that every Indian aspires to visit the place at least once in a lifetime. The only thing is that the place makes you come back with time and again. Owing to the beauty of Kashmir and the mountain regions, the place is a complete package for people seeking spiritual awakening as well as for the people who are looking for adventurous endings to the vacation period.

  1. Rajasthan-

Rajasthan isn’t always preferred by a lot of people because it doesn’t really offer a lot of adventures, but it offers a lot of insight to the ancient world and the history that brought India to where it is now. It is the best for people who love peeking through into the history of times and to know about the kings and rulers of the past times lived their lives out, how the emperors built the kingdoms and what are the beliefs that have eventually come to what it is today. The structures and palaces that are standing tall in the state are the ones that were built centuries ago. The structures remind a lot of the lifestyles the kings had, back then. So if you are looking for camel rides, desert regions and a complete package of historic monuments, here it is.

  1. Kerala- It is the god’s own country. The back waters of this state and the complete blend of modernism and the ancient beliefs, this state is all set to whirl your head round and admire the beauty of everything on the planet.

5. Varanasi- It is considered to be one of the most holy places of the country. The temples and the rivers that flow here are more of peace than anything for a person who is looking for spirituality.