Where to Go on a Summer Vacation in India with Family?

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Summer vacations are the only part of the year where one gets to spend sometime with their families. It is the period where a person gets some break from his hectic daily schedules and relax their mind and body and refresh it up. Well, planning a trip in summer vacation to various cold places is just like adding an extra count in those exciting moments. There are number of places in India that are preferred by people for spending their summer vacations. Here in this article we are going to tell you about some of the places that are most visited by the tourists during the summer season:


No matter whether you are a fan of nature, adventure, tranquility or fan of those photosensitive views, this place is the combination of all the things on yourwish list. It is the perfect beautiful destination for the family trips. In spite of the harsh weather conditions the place always remains at the top on the list of any holiday destination because of its scenic beauty. The place has all the things covered in its beauty whether you want a religious temple or an adventurous site. You can also book your flight with available best Agoda Coupons today to get best affordable trip.

Andaman and Nicobar

These beautiful islands are in the tranquillity of the Indian Ocean and is one of the most visited tourists spot during summers. These islands have proved that why are they so popular among the tourists and the reason is the diverse sea life and the corals on the islands are the main attractions among the people. There are many water activities that are being made to entertain the tourists such as scuba diving and snorkeling which gives the tourists a thriller experience.


If you are a religious person then this place will be best for you. The place also offers many sports activities to the tourists. The place is not only famous for its sports but also the beautiful surroundings. At the time of sunset the mesmerising sunset is so overwhelming.


Ooty is one of the best place to visit in the Western Ghats to visit during the Summers. This place was being made by the British and the place is a source of a number of attractions for the tourists such as sunset points, botanical garden, waterfalls, tea plantations, lakes etc. You can also explore various hotel options through available Oyo Coupon Code Online which will be from budget range to 5 star category.


It is an ideal destination for the tourists who are a nature lovers. The place is known for its magnificent beauty in the Himachal Pradesh and is now becoming a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. The place is famous for its cold and pleasant weather and many more beautiful places such as Ridge and Mall road.


There are people who just get spellbound by looking at the beauty of the place and people get short of words to explain the beautiful place. The hotels in mussoorie are at an height on the top of the hill that gives the overall view of city. The wide spread of fauna and flora attracts tourists and makes a the place a live retreat.


This place is for the people of all the age groups. Those beautiful mountains covered with milky white snow making the place so mesmerising and eye catching. There are many adventures that prevail in Gulmarg for the tourists, so the place will be most loved by the people who have an interest in adventures and trekking.


It is the most famous honeymoon destination and is most preferred by the newly married couple. The place is situated in the Palani hills and is a perfect place to be visited during summers. You must take the experiences of the cycling, sightseeing and the leisure walk around the lakes with you family, friends or partner.


The place is so calm and silent which makes the trip of travellers so satisfying. This is one of the largest hill stations in the country and the views of the mountains makes the city attractive in itself. Coonoor is also famous for its handicrafts and the famous tourist football matches for the tourists during summers.


This place is also known as trekker’s paradise as it famous between the people who are adventure enthusiastic. The view of beautiful mountains covered with white snow makes the overall view so captivating. We hope that with the help of above lost you will be able to make the best choice for you summer trip this year.