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5 Must Have Women Trousers Every Woman Should Have

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Point the finger at it on frosty winter days, or unwaxed legs, however you can’t generally wear dresses and skirts each and every day regardless of the amount of a girly young lady you are. Trousers are a clear closet staple for men and additionally ladies and can be worn for any event. The some jeans are comfortable, common-sense and extraordinarily chic. We give you 9 sorts of trousers each young lady ought to have in her wardrobe at any given time.


  1. The Everyday Denims

You most likely love the corrosive wash prevailing fashion and may have 30 of pants, however this is the pair that you generally appear to go after and can be worn with anything, anyplace. Not very high-waist nor too low, a basic pair of dull denims with a uniform wash that fits you like a glove is an outright crucial and will act the hero in the day or night, when you don’t recognize what to wear.

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Sexiest Dress That Every Woman Should Wear

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“Women like looking sexy, but it doesn’t mean we want to f**k you.”

The above sentence came from Cate Blanchet at just the right time, or at least we can assume, especially when our social media feed talks of nothing but Harvey Weinstein and others of the same kin which went onto start the #metoo campaign and all of us unabashedly supported it feeling more than hopeful to think that it will set the precursor to change. But let’s not discuss the various implications of sexual assault for some time and concentrate on the fact that we women really want to look and feel sexy every now and then and dresses happen to be one such outfit which can instantly make us look and feel more confident and desirable. Irrespective of body shape and size, dresses have a way of making you feel and appear more pretty and stylish. In fat slipping into a dress happens to be one of the quickest and the simplest way to feel sexier. Now there happens to be lots of sexy dresses out there but picking the one that will change your look and how you feel without having to put too much effort is not really an easy task.

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Suit Up for Your Winter Wedding

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Are you planning for a wedding and if your big day is taking place during the winter, the usual attire isn’t going to look good in your wedding shots. When it comes to your d- day, your outfit should influence a lot of elements. One may go for dark hues and winter weight fabrics.

In an Indian wedding, ethnic wear is one of the preferred choices and it usually includes sherwani or bandhgala. Sherwanis are usually worn by the groom and it is one of the must-have ensembles in your wardrobe. Bandhgala shall be worn for a grand affair and is also one of the best outfits to deliver a style statement. Even western suits are equally popular among the crowd.  And they are equally high in demand.

The most number of weddings in Delhi occur during the months of winter. One may witness a high demand for ethnic attire, this also becomes a hassle for buyers because theyusually end up out of stock. This is where Kustomeyes comes to your rescue and we are always geared up for the wedding season. Kustomeyes specializes in custom tailored suits such as Wedding Sherwani and Suits for Men.

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Food To Prevent Heart Attack

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Heart attack problems and related diseases are today increasing day by day due to some factors and most important factors one must be aware of it is food . What food to eat and what to not at least this information one must have to prevent heart problems. Below are some information given of foods to prevent heart attack and those to avoid

1. Salmon: salmon and some fatty fish like sardines and mackerel are best known for healthy heart .it consists of great amount of omega 3 fatty acids which researchers shows that it decreases chances of arrhythmia (irregular heart beat) , atherosclerosis (plaque build-up in the arteries) and reduced triglycerides. One must have fatty fish minimum twice in a week suggested by American heart association

2. Oatmeal: it consists of great amount of soluble fibrehelpful in loweringcholesterol .it soaks cholesterol thus removing from our body so not letting it absorbed in our bloodstream . apart from that whole grains like bread , grits and pasta are also beneficiary for hearty health due to grain content quality

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