5 Skin Care Routine for Hot and Humid Weather

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Summer is not the great time for the skin, especially if you want to enjoy some outdoor activities. The sun is not so friendly to your skin. You can do a lot of things to save our skin from heat like wearing light cloth for staying cool, staying hydrated by drinking water and giving equal amount skin care to keep skin healthy and happy.

Hot and humid weather can have a bad effect on your skin. The best way to prevent these problems from arising in the first place is to stay in a cool and dry place and by following an effective skin care routine to address these summers’ skin problems.

Here are some tips on how to deals with skin problems and effectively with a day and night skin care routine.

  1. Stay hydrated

During summer people sweat a lot and when you sweat your body craves water. Water is very crucial for both our body and skin to function normally. The lack of water in skin will leave the skin dry and irritated, and the outer layer of skin can become weak and making it unable to protect it from UV rays. This leads to risk of sunburn or skin damage. Higher loss of moisture in skin will disturb the water and oil balance in your skin, which can cause unwanted skin problems like acne and increased sebum production.

  • Exfoliate

During a hot and dry weather condition, the skin can become very dry and itchy. Dead skin cell is going to pile up like coat of armour which make skin dull and oily. Exfoliation will help in removing the dead skin off your skin and make skin smooth again. Use product that gently exfoliate dead skin and also hydrate your skin.

  • Sunscreen

Hot and humid weather can cause premature ageing and increase in fine line and wrinkles due to lack of moisture in air and the skin is more exposed to the UV rays in the summer. The solution of these problem is to use broad spectrum sunscreen that blocks off the effects of heat. Use sunscreen that has SPF 40 and above and PA++. You can also get great discount on skin care products online using Nykaa Coupons.

  • Cleansing and hydrating

Skin becomes very greasy and oily during the summer days. Oil and sebum production are higher in the summer. It can make your skin oily. Oil production from skin when combined with sweat and other impurities can cause acne and blocked pores. The solution to this problem lies in a good cleansing routine and hydrating the skin. Once you cleanse your skin with good cleanser hydrate your skin with good moisturiser or with sheet mask.

  • Serum

During hot season sun spots and freckles are formed when your face is directly exposed to the UV rays. The solution to this problem is using vitamin. Vitamin are not only great for the bodies but also great for the skin. Vitamin C serum helps to brighten up your dull skin overall by fading away acne,scars, blemishes and sunspots.

Day and Night Skin Care Routine

Day and night skin care routine can transform oily and irritated skin into a healthy and glowing skin.Change in our skin care routine is must so that skin can accommodate to the needs of hot and humid weather.

Here are a day and night skin care routine that will help youget glowing and healthy-looking skin throughout summer:


Step1: Cleansing – Cleanse your face with good cleanser that will breakdown excess sebum.

Step2: Tone – Use gentle toner to soothe and hydrate your skin.

Step3: Serum. Use a serum with cooling effect to lockin the moisture deep into your skin.

Step4 – Moisturizer: -Moisturise your skin with light moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

Step5 – Sunscreen: – Finally protect your skin with sunscreen that both block UV rays and heat.


Step1: – Initial cleansing to get rid of all your makeup and impurities.

Step2: – Second cleansing – use a gentle foaming face wash that will break down excess sebum and leave your skin free of makeup, oil and other impurities collected throughout the day.

Step 3: – Toner- use a gentle toner that will soothe your skin.

Step4: – Serum- use lightweight serum that calming agent that will help to reduce irritation caused by overheating exposure to UV rays throughout the day.

Step5: – Moisturizer- use a cream that deliver deep hydration to skin while its rest at night. You can also apply for Homeopathic Doctor Jobs to know about this field.

The Bottom-Line Just taking a good care of your skin and following a good skin care routine you can keep your skin healthy and glowing throughout the summer. Along with that, you need to eat healthy like eating fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins and minerals.

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