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5 Skin Care Routine for Hot and Humid Weather

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Summer is not the great time for the skin, especially if you want to enjoy some outdoor activities. The sun is not so friendly to your skin. You can do a lot of things to save our skin from heat like wearing light cloth for staying cool, staying hydrated by drinking water and giving equal amount skin care to keep skin healthy and happy.

Hot and humid weather can have a bad effect on your skin. The best way to prevent these problems from arising in the first place is to stay in a cool and dry place and by following an effective skin care routine to address these summers’ skin problems.

Here are some tips on how to deals with skin problems and effectively with a day and night skin care routine.

  1. Stay hydrated

During summer people sweat a lot and when you sweat your body craves water. Water is very crucial for both our body and skin to function normally. The lack of water in skin will leave the skin dry and irritated, and the outer layer of skin can become weak and making it unable to protect it from UV rays. This leads to risk of sunburn or skin damage. Higher loss of moisture in skin will disturb the water and oil balance in your skin, which can cause unwanted skin problems like acne and increased sebum production.

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Wield the Complete Power of Your Beauty with the Help of Your Plastic Breast Surgeon

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Beauty is the physical sense of well being on which one’s pride is based upon. Though our intelligence and wisdom are affairs of the brain, beauty is key to one’s mental health. Beautiful people- by this, we mean people who are both physically attractive and mentally stable- are more given the positions of leaders as they have the power and dignity to make their stand. People who perceive themselves as ugly have more devils following them around. Our physical appearance also helps us in connecting with people. Though most of us disagree, we find ourselves slowly nodding our heads to the fact that we are more likely to help attractive people- attractive damsels in distress- and even go out of our way to satisfy their requests. In contrast, we sympathize with the moderately looking ones, or who we perceive as ugly, because, as the famous saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

The additional upgrades

Females, in general, are more conscious of their appearance. This we determine by the hours they take to get dressed up for a night out. Though their intelligence does them a lot of favors, they are constantly undermined in this department by the dominating male race. A female’s beauty, when wielded in the right manner, is her power. To obtain this power, they try everything they can to make themselves more beautiful. Botox, breast implants, liposuction are common these days. Breast implants are very popular among females looking for ways to enhance their beauty since males have been drooling across breasts for eons. Breast implants comes under the “Plastics” department of surgery as seen in the famous television show “Grey’s anatomy” when the infamous Mark Sloan-plastic breast surgeon is called on to deliver breast implants, face recoveries, etc.

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Beauty Tips You Need This Summer

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Come summer and beauty related worries start creeping in our minds. After all this is the season that can result in severe damages to our skin and hair if proper care is not taken. Skin and hair are very much a part of your overall personality and taking care of them is important if you want to look presentable. As it goes the harsh sun rays strips the skin of its moisture causing wrinkles and ageing. It further results in the skin starts looking greasy and dull within few hours of washing it due to sweat and oil secretion. The sun and dust also makes our hair brittle. Hence it becomes very important to take proper care of ourselves as summer approaches. Here are few tips to make sure that your skin and hair stays healthy and beautiful all summer long.

  1. Make friends with sunscreen

Be shameless when using sunscreen for they are your saviour in summer months. However just applying sunscreen is not enough. You will have to make sure that it suits your skin and offers protection from harmful rays for longer hours. A sunscreen with an SPF of 15 is ideal but if you are planning to stay outdoor for longer hours get one with higher SPF to make sure that your skin doesn’t burn and is safe. Applying sunscreen after several hours is also recommended as they wear off after few hours.


  1. Make skin care a priority

Use light, oil free and water based products in summer. The hot and humid summer days often results in sweat which can mix with your cream causing clogging of pores. In order to appear healthy the skin needs to breathe. Hence, choose the right skin care product according to your skin type to make sure that it doesn’t lose its glow. Apart from finding the right product for your skin, you should pay attention to the following:

  1. Moisturize


Moisturizing your skin immediately after washing is very important to prevent wrinkles and fine lines etc. irrespective of weather. So if you are thinking that you can skip on this since winter is gone you are doing some severe harm to your skin. Apart from creams and moisturizers, try eating juicy fruits and drink lots of water to keep it soft, supple and hydrated.

  1. Exfoliate


Exfoliation is a great way to get rid of dead skin. It will also clear your skin of clogged pores making it look soft and fresh. It is natural to exfoliate your skin in the morning when we are fresh and energetic. However since the exercise reveals a sensitive skin unclogging the pores and shedding the dead part, you can do this in the evening or night when you are away from the sun so as not to harm the skin.

  1. Make up


If you are fond of wearing makeup, you will need to make certain changes in your makeup as you prepare your skin to welcome summer. Try changing your foundation shades and adjust it to your skin colour. Also, don’t skip on primer. This will prevent your skin from looking patchy. If you are fond of eye makeup, go for waterproof kajal, mascara and eyeliner etc.

  1. What’s there for healthy hair?


Taking care of your hair is no less important. Protect your hair from heat and humidity and embrace the natural look while still maintaining their shine and strength. The first thing to do is to cover your hair with a scarf or stole when staying in the sun for longer hours. This will not only offer a protection against the harmful UV rays but will also protect your hair from dust. Though the natural wavy look is preferred during summer, there are times when you don’t want to wear them down. Go for easy hair dos and opt for loose and comfortable style such to stay stylish and comfortable. Also, try not washing your hair too often. As summer approaches we tend to wash our hair more as a result of sweat and dust setting in. However frequent washing will only strip it of its natural oil causing more damage to it. You can try using dry shampoo. However if you must wash it go for natural shampoos and keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Make skin care a priority if you don’t want to hide behind the doors all summer long. It is of paramount importance to take care of your skin as the harsh weather can steal away the natural glow from your face and shine from your hair. The increased exposure to UV rays not only results in dry, brittle hair but also results in skin tanning, pimples, dark patches and wrinkles etc. Pay special attention to skin care if you want to maintain a healthy and glowing skin all round the year.