Outdoor Gadgets 2019 – Top 8 Camping Gadgets for Your Next Outdoor Camping Trip

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Whenever you plan for an outdoor camping trip it’s advised to double check all your outdoor gadgets which you will require during the trip. Always make sure you carry only those belongings with you which are most important, this way you will save yourself from being overburdened. While going on a camping or trekking tour it’s better to carry as much as unwanted things to keep your trip comfortable.

No matter for how many days you are planning your next outdoor camping trip, always make sure to have all the required outdoor gadgets with you which will make your trip memorable and convenient.

Geographical Maps

While going on a trekking trip, one must always carry the geographic maps with them which should be kept in a waterproof container so that it doesn’t get damaged. Going on a camping trip and having a map is a very strong combination.


Compass is the most important device when planning for a camping trip although GPRS is also helpful but they are electronic device and in scarcity of electricity there is possibility that it might run low battery so it’s always advisable to have a compass.

Medical Kit

Going on a trip far from home, it’s always a wise option to carry a medical kit with you for any emergency. The medical kit should have basic medicines for i.e. diarrhea, headache, pain killer, savlon, cotton, bandage and more.

Emergency Light

During the night, in case of low or no electricity, an emergency light or flashlight comes as a savior. While walking outside in the dark, an emergency light will help you in showing the right path.

Sleeping Bag

While out in an outdoor camping trip, a comfortable and cozy bed is all you will long for. So you wouldn’t want to miss carrying your sleeping bag with you.

Water Purification

Water is a necessity for human life, and while drinking water you must make sure the water is purified and safe as an unhealthy water can cause dangerous health issues. While going on a camping trip, it’s not always not possible to get mineral water due to location limitation, so in that case having a chlorine tablet for water purification is the smart move.

Instant Coffee Maker

If you are someone who starts their morning with a sip of coffee, then having an instant coffee maker while on a camping trip is a must for you.

Camping Tent

Always carry an easy to assemble and waterproof tent while going on an outdoor camping tour. As specifically if you are going on a coastal area or other wildlife area for camping then weather can be really unpredictable. In such a scenario, a waterproof tent would be of great help. Aforementioned are some of the most helpful outdoor gadgets 2019 you can carry in your next camping trip. Apart from that carry spare clothes, food, and footwears in case of emergency. You can take some more gadgets as per your choice like portable speaker, barbeque, stove and more depending upon your camping location.

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