Wield the Complete Power of Your Beauty with the Help of Your Plastic Breast Surgeon

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Beauty is the physical sense of well being on which one’s pride is based upon. Though our intelligence and wisdom are affairs of the brain, beauty is key to one’s mental health. Beautiful people- by this, we mean people who are both physically attractive and mentally stable- are more given the positions of leaders as they have the power and dignity to make their stand. People who perceive themselves as ugly have more devils following them around. Our physical appearance also helps us in connecting with people. Though most of us disagree, we find ourselves slowly nodding our heads to the fact that we are more likely to help attractive people- attractive damsels in distress- and even go out of our way to satisfy their requests. In contrast, we sympathize with the moderately looking ones, or who we perceive as ugly, because, as the famous saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

The additional upgrades

Females, in general, are more conscious of their appearance. This we determine by the hours they take to get dressed up for a night out. Though their intelligence does them a lot of favors, they are constantly undermined in this department by the dominating male race. A female’s beauty, when wielded in the right manner, is her power. To obtain this power, they try everything they can to make themselves more beautiful. Botox, breast implants, liposuction are common these days. Breast implants are very popular among females looking for ways to enhance their beauty since males have been drooling across breasts for eons. Breast implants comes under the “Plastics” department of surgery as seen in the famous television show “Grey’s anatomy” when the infamous Mark Sloan-plastic breast surgeon is called on to deliver breast implants, face recoveries, etc.

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgeries such as boob jobs aim to enhance the physical appearance of a body part. Breasts keep changing over time. They lose their firmness, droop down, stretch marks can occur after pregnancy, or on contrary, you may have been born with unnatural breast size for your body type. Either of these reasons is the cause for a sudden huge increase in demand for plastic surgeons across the world. United States of America is the largest market for cosmetic surgery followed by United Kingdom, China and India. In 2014, sixteen million cases were reported out of which more than ninety percent were performed on teenagers. The number almost tripled now. The following are the ways a woman can change her breasts:

  1. Breast Lift: Mostly common in pregnant women and old women who underwent multiple pregnancies, their breasts are saggy and lose their firmness over time. Breast lift raises and firms the skin and tightens the surrounding tissue so that the breasts reclaim their former glory.
  2. Breast Reduction: When the size of your breasts does not match your body type or makes you feel uncomfortable going on about your daily chores, breast reduction helps by removing the excess tissue and alleviates your discomfort. As expected, these cases are few and far in between.
  3. Breast Augmentation: This is most common form of breast reshaping and is known as boob job. Most celebrities and actresses undergo this to enhance their physical appearance and to obtain more films. Breasts are made more rounder and fuller through silicone or saline implants which are either placed under or over the chest muscle.

Plastic breast surgeons perform these surgeries with the utmost care and to select your best suited plastic breast surgeon you need to be thorough with your questions such as their years of experience, certification, after care medications, cost and the probable complications that might occur. During the procedure, a temporary breast implant called a tissue expander is placed on top of your breasts to determine the shape and size beforehand.

As is common in any surgery, there is a chance of many complications even when it is a world-renowned plastic breast surgeon. The complications can occur in the form of hematoma, ineffective implantation, scarring and infections. Though society is now more agreeable to breast augmentations, most people who undergo these surgeries are prone to or believed to have body dysmorphic disorder.

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